dissonance assemblage
mute icon - black box

Reinvisioning Royce Hall, University of California - Los Angeles
Instructor: Georgina Huljich

Partner: JaYong Shim

Dissonance Assemblage is a project that silences the typical iconic black box theatre typology with a series of tectonic and programatic assembly of juxtapositional spaces. The ontological relationship between peformers and visitors of Royce Hall are emphasized in the interior arrangement between a scalar change of rooms; while the exterior remains muted and indifferent to the surrounding context on the historical UCLA campus. The black box is encountered from the independent assemblage parts in which each carries different charcateristics and materiality, this results in a dissonant counterpoint in the centeral void that serves as the auditorium space. Reflecting the complex quality of the inside to outside, a form of articulated brick-looking pattern and a series landscape gestures are generated to pronounce the significance of the building, and at the same time muting the iconicity of Royce Hall.